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    Lava Burst


    Was wandering about a stop cast macro on LvB with the new instant cast on proc, is it any good ? or its still better to let lb finish the cast

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    You've forgotten the Caster ABC's: Always Be Casting. If you use a stop cast macro you'll spent a lot of time not casting, and unless you have two LvB buttons you can't use it with the "spell queue" which saves times between spells.
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    I am pleased somebody asked this LOL, I know the golden rule is "always be casting" which is why I didn't ask.

    Just to push the topic a little further though, I have some more questioning on the subject as I have noticed we can potentially lose LvB casts.
    Example of this is(which happens frequently) LvB comes off CD your mid cast in a Lb but then 3/4 of the way through lava surge procs(I have a feeling this is called something else now) which effectively means you have lost one LvB cast.
    Another situation that seems to frequent is I just start a Lb cast literally .3 into the cast I get LvB proc which I wait out my Lb cast but then on my next Lb cast the exact same thing happens, and on occasions this can happen any where from 1-4 times.

    My way of thinking is bad luck deal with it, as there is little can be done when dealing with randomness of procs...but I must admit it had me curious are we potentially losing dps even taking into account lost cast time or the "spell queue".

    As I stated, I know what the rules are based around this and stick with them...but from a numbers perspective there must be a dps loss in there.

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    While it can feel like you're losing out on something if you get a lava surge proc when lava burst is already off cooldown, the alternatives are worse. If you cancel the cast you are already in the middle of, then you lose whatever time you've already spent casting lightning bolt (a global cooldown at minimum) without dealing any damage. You could think of that time being added on to whatever you interrupted yourself to cast, suddenly making an 'instant' lava burst take 2 GCDs or longer, which is worse than just not using it at all.

    I would say it isn't right to think of it as a dps 'loss' when those situations happen. You are unable to use a lava surge proc now and then because of that, but if you are playing perfectly, it isn't dps that you could have gotten anyway.



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