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Thread: what to do about my DPS

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    Angry what to do about my DPS

    Hi i am wondering if any one can give me some tips on DPS. I am not sure whats going on but over the last month I have gotten several new pcs of gear that have brought my item lvl up to 400. However I have experienced a huge DPS loss. I went from doing burst damage of 40k plus to 28-32 k I cant figure out what is wrong and Im hoping that some one can help me figure out what it is. My toon name is Goeasy realm is malygos any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am currently the lowest dps on our roster and am frustrated as hell that i cant seem to bring it up.

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    Well, while we want to help, it kinda seems you did not put any effort in this yourself. You did not even post in the right forum, and I had to check out your armory to deduct that you infact play Elemental - your post does not state this anywhere. As Askyr mentioned, please read the guide and also come back with an uploaded log at worldoflogs. Otherwise our chances to help you will be severely limited.

    Spec & Glyphs:
    - absolutely, always get Reverberation
    - you don't have Glyph of Flame Shock in one spec, that is the biggest mistake you can do with Glyphs
    - Flametongue is the worst glyph you can use for PvE, besides glyphs for other specs - get rid of it
    - Keep Glyph of Flameshock and Lavaburst, the third will either be Unleashed Lightning if a fight has movement, otherwise Lightning Bolt

    - get the crafted wrists - they have two gem slots and are way better
    - you have 17.3% hit, and your wrists, relic, one ring are not reforged, the other ring however is reforged to hit - there is room for gain here
    - move to epic gems you are missing out on 140 INT
    - read up how to use Simcraft, with that itemlevel mastery is probably better for you than haste but only SimCraft will help you to be sure - update reforges, boot enchant and orange gems accordingly
    - try to get hold of Cunning Of The Cruel for fights with AoE (Yor'sahj HC comes to mind) - switch out with Insignia
    - the HC Girdle from Morchok is worse than the belt from Spine normal - yeah crit is that bad for us

    Lots of small errors, so I suspect you have some issues with your rotation as well. But without a log and some effort on your side more insight is almost impossible.
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    Send me a PM once you've read the rules and can update the post with what's required and I'll re-open the thread.



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