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    Shaman Check

    Hey all,

    I've been playing elemental for quite a while now (2+ years) and I've always felt pretty competitive on DPS up until this tier. I was hoping some of you might take a look and see if there are any suggestions you could make to help me do a bit better or if you think I'm about where I should be. Here's a link to my toon Shamwowee and here is a link to our most recent logs for Morchok through Hagara and Ultrax onward . I've simmed everything out on SimCraft, and as of these logs, the gear I am wearing in my armory view has the best overall DPS and mastery is significantly better for me than haste at this point. I'll be running more sims in the next day or so since I picked up Will of Unbinding tonight as well, so my trinks may get changed around.

    Any input the shaman community has would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys!!

    (FYI, we 2 heal on one side and solo heal on the other for H Morchok, so I end up off-healing a bit on that fight for now.)

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    As you said, mastery is better for you. Switch the boot enchant to 50 mastery.
    Also switch the gem in boots to a INT+Mastery one.
    Besides trinkets, the Belt from Spine is better than the one you are wearing; the ilvl is higher and INT beats out other stats by far.
    Replace Glyph of Lightning Bolt with Glyph of LavaBurst. More recent tests showed that the LvB glyph affects LvB Overloads; LB glyph does not. This makes LvB glyph the better one.

    You should really consider using epic gems. You are missing out on 195 INT, 20 Mastery and 5 Spirit right now.

    You should also really start using pots - both as prepot and infight. This is especially essential for buffing you Fire Elemental, the 1600 INT is an immense boost to it. Numbers as high as 7800 DPS are possible for the FE. The second pot is usually best used during Heroism/Bloodlust, or if you Hero/BL on the pull, then together with Elemental Mastery.

    You are getting out a really low number of Lava Bursts on some fights. Only 18 on Zon'ozz means one every 10.2 seconds! On Ultraxion you did way better, one every 7.9s is quite good.

    Your FS and Totem uptime on Ultra is good, on Zon'ozz and Yor it is definitely to low. Especially on Zon'ozz you never switch targets, so no excuse for subpar uptime. This also leads to noncrit LvBs, huge DPS loss as the Overloads are noncrits then, too.

    For Ultraxion, look up the macro posted here on the forums (Ultraxion in Encounters subforum I believe). It will allow you to weave in a few more instant casts by macroing an instant+extrabutton for every time you have to switch phases on Ultra.

    On Yor'sahj Normal Earthquake is not worth it, you should rather try to get more CLs in if there are adds, they die very fast and CL is obvoiusly way better "burst AE".

    You have to time your FE better on short fights. On Yor drop it on pull, on Zon'ozz drop it at the time the pot is ready again (after prepotting for the pull). It will benefit from the higher damage the boss does for the full two minutes (you kill it in about 3min it seems, should be about right).

    Now that you have WoB, make sure you drop FE at the beginning with prepot, Power Torrent and highest possible number of WoB stacks. Even six stacks of WoB + PT is better than 10 stacks WoB without PT.

    Just some stuff I found on my first look. One more thing to check would be if you use Earth Shock efficiently, but I have no time to thoroughly check your logs ATM.
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    Thanks Hyoss. That's just the kind of feedback I am looking for. I guess I should go ahead and bite the bullet on the epic gems, esp now that you point out the 195 INT I'm missing out on. That's almost another full flask worth of INT!! Never thought about it that way till now.

    I picked up the belt from Spine last night as well, so I'll get that gemmed out and on my toon as quickly as possible as well and I'll change out LB glyph for LvB and go ahead and sim that out too (not that I don't trust you, I just like to sim every change i make).

    I had a feeling that my FE and FS uptime was a bit low so it's nice to see that someone else is seeing it too. FE has always been an issue for me since I am always paranoid at blowing a long CD at the wrong time, but 70% uptime at the wrong time is still better than 40% uptime under prime conditions. I need to get better at looking at WoL. I'm pretty good with SimCraft, but just recently started using WoL so I'm not always sure what I should be looking for.

    There were a few things you noticed that I had completely overlooked, such as the boot enchant and the Haste/INT gem I have on my gear. I am ashamed to say that my guild pointed one of those "oversights" last night. One of our DPS was inspecting my gear since he has an elemental alt and noticed that I had a Delicate Inferno Ruby (+40AGI) in the prismatic socket of my belt!! (My OS is ENH and I always have a few gems of INT and AGI on me, musta socketed the wrong one). Needless to say I felt like a moron, esp considering I'm the damn raid leader. I think sometimes I get tunnel vision though and manage to miss little stuff like that.

    Thanks so much for all of your help. I'll definitely start working some changes and hopefully my team will be wondering why the hell my DPS blew up all of a sudden. lol

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    Glad to help. The LvB glyph info I got from this forum, and it was incorporated into the simmed glyph behaviour in Simcraft; make sure you have the newest version. Also switching glyphs depending on fight is encouraged, Unleashed Lightning is useless on Ultraxion obviously. Chain Lightning glyph is great on Yor'sahj and bad on Warmaster Blackthorn - where you can cleave but there are max three targets, usually two. On some very long fights the FE glyph is a DPS gain - Madness is long enough, and Yor'sahj heroic was for my raid during the first kills, now we are down to 6min.

    The stuff with a wrong gem has happened to me too ;-) . And In my experience, DPS is also always a bit lower when I raidlead, comes from diverting attention to my chars surroundings more, I guess ;-)
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