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Thread: Elemental Shaman BiS

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    Elemental Shaman BiS

    I have searched many places (mainly here on elitistjerks and wow progress) what the BiS is for elemental Shamans and more specifically: for draenei.

    The current BiS used by most draenei shamans is: // 50603 dps

    Running this on simcraft i get a smaller dps than with this profile: // 51336

    Is there anything i have done wrong or is the second profile BiS and not the first?

    For simcraft i used 500 000 iterations with all buffs except for DI and Focus magic, all debuffs. 300 s fights with 20% variation, Patchwerk style low world lag and the best player skill.

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    I believe Restoration shoulders are better, mainly because they only have one yellow socket.

    Edit: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I also believe IotCM is better for single target than CotC.
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    Simcraft sims CotC hgher than IotCM even for single target fights. However, the real reason i'm not taking that is because i believe this trinket has too much haste on it and such a proc would go to waste in certain situations (BL / EM).

    The idea of using the heal spec chest is that with DTR, mastery sims much higher than haste. To increase the mastery, the second setup is better. the real question is: is that the good BiS or am y overlooking some detail?

    PS: i also checked for different fight durations (which are crucial for trinkets) and CotC seems to pull ahead of IotCM all the time.

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    The forlom chocker (majordomo hc) offers more mastery than the fungal heart at equal spell power (red socket for epic gem), unless you were to be short on spirit.

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    the flowforn choker isn't even a close call, haste is worth less than mastery but not as much. The idea of using my configuration is that you trade a little bit of intell and haste to get mastery in exchange (and just enough to be worth it)

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    Care to explain the math behind that? As far as I can see:

    256 int + red socket = 306 int
    133 mastery
    163 haste

    fungal heart:
    306 int
    204 haste
    204 spirit
    which after reforging gives
    123 spirit
    81 mastery

    Int is equal,
    choker has 296 haste/mastery combined,
    fungal has 285 haste/mastery combined; not only offers the choker more combined stats, but he gives you 52 more mastery.

    Again, if you are short on spirit somewhere else, I can see why you would prefer the fungal heart, but just from the numbers I don't see why fungal > choker.

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    comparing both heroic versions i have:

    - 10 more intell on the Flowform Choker
    - 41 more haste on the petrified fungal heart
    - 71 more spirit than mastery on the petrified fungal heart

    10 intell vs (41 + 71)= 112 secundary stats is ways too much for the majordomo necklace to be better

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    btw you never have too much spirit (except when you have too much of it after reforging every single item). You can always reforge spirit to either the best stat or the second best stat so i consider spirit has an EP-value between mastery and haste (wich probably puts it around 0.56 (compared to 0.6 for mastery and 0.51 for haste).



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