Hi my name is Loria and I play an elemental shaman in the german high end raiding guild genuine.
I finally got a stable internet connection and I will be streaming Dragon Soul heroic as well as some MoP beta testing and fun stuff on my new twitch.tv channel.
Some of you have already watched my videos on youtube and if you liked them I would be really happy if you could tune in some time and maybe subscribe
You would help me out a lot by doing so. Also I will answer most questions you might have on my stream. I will usually stream DS mondays 19:00 GMT+1 and possibly
alt run on thursdays 19:00 GMT+1. The rest of the time will be MoP (monk leveling as well as elemental testing).
I hope to see you guys soon at twitch.tv/loriatv
greetings from Germany
PS:If you have suggestions or questions please PM me!