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    I don't know if anyone comes around these parts anymore, but I'm trying to figure out why I'm lagging behind the rest of my healers in 10N Dragon Soul. We've fully cleared the raid and are doing full clears each week.. working on getting to farm. And I should say, I'm not doing POORLY at healing, my numbers just aren't as high as the other two healers and I go OOM on some fights while they're almost constantly at 100%. Here is our World of Logs from last night's half clear: and here's my armory:

    Working on getting more epic gems and just got the dagger last night so those will get enchanted in the next day or two.

    As for what I use: generally I use GHW and Riptide the most, but I hit healing wave whenever it will be suitable and RT chain heal + healing rain whenever the raid is taking lots of AOE damage (zon'ozz and yor'shak for example). You can see how much I use each spell in the log though.

    Any tips would be extremely helpful. I don't think I'm doing anything derpy in terms of gearing but I've been unable to devote more time than just my 2 three hour raids each week so I may be a little disconnected. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, I can't take a look at Armory (blocked at work), but looking at just the logs one thing I notice is that it appears Water Shield fell off on Yor'sahj for a lot of the fight which would probably cause mana problems there. You might consider using a mod like Power Auras to alert you when you don't have it up.

    Also, you have Telluric Currents, but only cast 1 or 2 lightning bolts per encounter. You might consider moving those points elsewhere if you never really find the opportunity to use it anyway. Alternatively, try to squeeze in some more LBs for extra mana when you have any downtime.

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    Hi - I checked this thread and even EJ's thread on resto, and I'm looking for some Resto discussion of quality on par with what comes out of the elemental thread here. On EJ all I see is the tired discussion of haste vs. mastery vs. crit that has been going on since 4.0 and really no discussion how people are dealing with encounters, discussion on tier 12 vs. tier 13 set bonuses, and trinket selection.

    I had to pick up healing on H Spine last night since our druid was out of pocket and want to get on par if I ever have to again. Any pointers to good discussion would be helpful.


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    I'm not sure how other guilds handle Spine HC with resto shamans but as our old one went inactive - I've had to pick up the ball!

    (This is for 10 man)
    It all depends on what role you fulfil - my job is to blanket the raid to try to remove the debuffs - so I spec as follows:
    FI + HR with riptides does the vast majority of my healing and I am either spamming LB (if nothing's going on) or chain heal (on debuffs).
    I don't do any of the dispelling at all nor am I much use at tank healing (we bring a paladin + disc priest), so I just fight the healing debuffs.

    Although your mileage may vary

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    Thanks Ruggles. I was managing about 22k HPS when our priest was disc and around 19k HPS when he went holy. A few questions if I may:

    1. I had an understanding that FI only applied to HR until you cast another spell, at which point subsequent ticks of HR no longer held the increased effect. I recall that when working on H Nef, but haven't really done any healing since then (also the reason I was looking for a thread wit a bit deeper discussion than haste vs. mastery vs. crit over at EJ). I suppose that issue has been addressed then.

    2. It seems you were using H FL gear, which is what I have. I also have DS 2x LFR tier, 1x Normal, and 1x Heroic tier - so I opted to take the 1x heroic DS piece and 4x H FL pieces. I also kind of like the Tier 12 set bonuses for the regen and 25% CH bounces. Are you doing the same as I am - just out of gear availability, or are the tier 12 set bonuses actually superior when using LFR pieces? Although, at face value the tier 12 set bonuses look stronger for this fight.

    3. I have this healing trinket, Jaws of Defeat. I was using it on the tendon when I LB spam it, to hopefully "regen" more - but I'm really not sure this worked out for me. I also have the VP haste/SP use trinket, the Darkmoon card tsunami, and a Heroic Jar of Remedies. I opted for the Jaws at the time for the int. I also didn't pick up Precision as you did, which I definately think I'll do next time. The other trinket I used was H Eye of Blazing Power. Any thoughts here on the best 2 of 5? Is Jaws/Eye the way to go?

    Edit: Also have will of the unbinding, and given the LBs for TC and Shocks for FI, this could be a viable option. Part of me is thinking using WuB, and one of the regen trinkets (DMC:T, or Jar).

    4. I also played with a Holy Paladin / Disc. Our typical third healer is a resto druid instead of me. They seemed to think he did a far better job of removing the searing plasma. In general, I liked to roll my riptide on targets with searing plasma, keep down healing rain, and only spam off a debuff if health starts to go down or we're going into a roll. Otherwise, on separate attempts I tried both HW spam on the oldest searing plasma target or GHW on them and Lightning bolts to regen. Neither one seemed a clear winner - but I generally do prefer using GHW. It seems you went with CH on the debuffs. Does it actually hit them when they have full/high health? And, do you know how (if at all) mastery % gains are calculated when healing a full health target with searing plasma.

    Again, I'm sorry I can't seem to find any existing threads on this stuff.
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    Unless the stuff at EJ is wrong (or outdated)
    "Healing Rain is the other AoE healing ability of shamans. It is the strongest HPCT spell in the shaman's arsenal. Like most HoTs it gains additional ticks on certain haste breakpoints, see the Haste section for these. Since 4.1 Healing Rain works with Focused Insight, but will receive only 24% due to a known bug. Due to another known bug the initial tick and every tick gained from haste will not receive bonuses from Focused Insight."
    (quoted from the OP of the resto guide - I couldn't find anything more updated but there may be something lurking!)

    As Resto was my os but is now back main again - I only have raid finder resto gear and the 4 pce Tier 12 bonus (especially with heroic pieces) is worth more (to me and my raid) than the tier 13 bonuses.
    However - if I had 4 pce Tier 13 (397+) I would use them just for the ilvl upgrades.

    I don't have a Jaws so can't comment I'm afraid - but the Tsunami will only get replaced *when* I get a Heart of Unliving, it's still bloody tremendous.
    As the spec I'm currently running is hard on mana consumption if I have to chain cast like a lunatic, I use LB to regen mana, for that I can't afford them missing (2/3 precision gives me a 0.15% miss chance raid buffed without heartsong- meh I can live with that )
    Will of the Unbinding is interesting, **if** you can guarantee to keep the stacks up - although if they fall off it's pretty much useless...although there is always stuff to FS... hmm I've got one as well and hadn't thought about it - I'll give it a try and see what happens
    My shout (pre meddling) would be Jaws or Eye and Tsunami (but I wouldn't go Jar / Tsunami as LB is supposed to regen you mana)

    We have our raid stack up in a bundle (inside the healing rain) and close enough for smite / chain heal to bounce around. With this tactic (due to the bloods exploding and removing health (anywhere on the platform?)) there's always someone for the chain heal to bounce too. And the whole thing is boosted if it bounces of a riptide which I always have on a tank and 2/3 of the debuffs at any one time. I will switch to GHW if someone is <50% and everyone else is topped up though.

    Now if we could just get our pally tank to kite effectively we might be ok on the 3rd tendon... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    Now if we could just get our pally tank to kite effectively we might be ok on the 3rd tendon... :P
    Thanks : ). I started on the EJ stuff, but the 12 pages of "shampoo is better - it cleans the hair, no conditioner is better - it makes the hair silky and smooth" - err, I mean haste/crit/mastery got pretty old.

    Anyway, we're starting down the 6th amalgamation as well and are sorting out the same. Good luck!



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