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    Mathlords of Draenor: Lava Surge

    Notes on the calculations.

    Time between Lava Surge procs: 5*3/(1+H)

    Ratio between Surge procs and normal Lava Burst use: (5*3/(1+H)/(8+2/(1+H)*1.5) The 1.5 cast time part is to account for the...

    Binkenstein 19-07-2014 09:35 PM

    Elemental Formulae Reference

    Reference post for a bunch of formulae I've worked out recently, which should make calculating stuff a bit easier.

    c = crit chance
    h = haste (1 + haste percentage)

    [B]Clearcasting Uptime (% of...

    Binkenstein 20-02-2014 07:25 PM

    Modeling Stat Weight Changes

    Hi guys, I'm back.

    Yes, I re-subbed recently, have found a new raiding guild to call home, and of course have a little mathy side project going. However, I don't have as much time as I'd like,...

    Binkenstein 11-02-2014 09:19 PM
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    WoD - Alpha Info Dump

    Running speed in instances in the important part. Means you can /follow on a warlock who's burning and not get left behind half way.

    Ensar 22-07-2014, 10:39 AM Go to last post

    6.0 patch notes

    It's not that one damage source is doing 20-30%, it's that it's Lightning Bolt. It's awkward, it'll be rather punishing to risk overcapping in order

    Hekili 22-07-2014, 06:09 AM Go to last post

    WoD - Alpha Info Dump

    It works when running back in instances, I love it.

    Brightleaf 22-07-2014, 05:32 AM Go to last post

    WoD - Alpha Info Dump

    So would you say hybridisation is pretty much out of the question by looks of things so far? Hybridisation was kind of why I chose a Shaman in the first

    Kurdbeard 22-07-2014, 05:10 AM Go to last post

    WoD - Alpha Info Dump

    Until you get 100% ground speed mounts, that is.

    I've solo'd my way through Frostfire Ridge and haven't had a problem, but I'm about 40-50

    Binkenstein 22-07-2014, 03:48 AM Go to last post
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