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Binkensteinís Condensed Caster Compendium: Affliction Warlock

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Spells, Buffs & Passives
Agony 24 second dot that ramps up damage as the duration decreases.
Corruption 18 second dot
Curse of the Elements +5% magic damage debuff. Can be applied to multiple targets with Soulburn
Dark Intent Spellpower/Stam raid buff. Should be up at all times.
Dark Soul: Misery 20 second haste buff, with a 2 minute cooldown
Drain Soul Channelled spell that deals extra damage under 20% target health & regenerates Soul Shards
Fel Flame Instant spell that adds 6 seconds to the duration of Corruption & Unstable Affliction
Haunt Consumes Soul Shards to create a dot that increases your damage by 25% for 8 seconds
Life Tap Sacrifices health for mana
Malefic Grasp Channelled spell, causes all other dots to generate an extra tick at 50% strength whenever it deals damage.
Mastery: Potent Afflictions Increases the damage of Agony, Corruption & Unstable Affliction by 25% + 1% for every 192 mastery rating
Nightfall Gives Corruption a 5% chance to regenerate Soul Shards per tick
Pandemic Adds up to 50% of the base duration to a dot when it is recast, based on the remaining dot time
Seed of Corruption 18 second DoT that explodes after the target takes enough damage
Soul Shards The Affliction extra resource. Stacks up to 3 (4 in 5.2 or with glyph)
Soul Swap Removes dots from current target and applies them to a new target. If used with Soulburn it applies new casts of Agony, Corruption & Unstable Affliction without removing them.
Soulburn Uses Soul Shards to gain extra functionality in your spells
Unstable Affliction 14 second dot with a damage/silence proc if dispelled

Stats & Gearing
Note: These are some rough numbers taken from Simulationcraft, using the T14H profile.
  • Intellect: 4.8
  • Spell Power: 2.8
  • Crit Rating: 1.9
  • Haste Rating: 2.6
  • Hit Rating: 2.6
  • Mastery Rating: 2.6
Hit Caps
Some players argue that not capping hit (15%) is a viable and more optimal way to gear. This may technically be true but the difference between capping and not capping is minor. Capping hit also means you donít have to watch for misses when casting so you know when to cast the spell again (or in other words, lowers the attention requirement).

Haste Breakpoints
Haste Breakpoints are values of haste where an extra tick is generated by an individual dot cast. Affliction has multiple breakpoints which you can hit. However, you should not treat these breakpoints as soft caps, as the value of haste scales linearly at the same rate after the breakpoint as it does before the breakpoint. For more information see this blog post

Single Target Rotation
  1. Soulburn
  2. Agony IF it currently has less than half of the base duration remaining
  3. Corruption IF it currently has less than half of the base duration remaining
  4. Unstable Affliciton IF it currently has less than half the base duration remaining
  5. Haunt IF it is not currently up, in flight, or will expire before the next cast hits AND all dots have more than 8 seconds remaining
  6. Life Tap IF Mana is less than 35%
  7. Drain Soul if target is under 20% health
  8. Malefic Grasp
Multi Target Rotation (2-4 targets)
  1. Soulburn on new targets
  2. Soul Swap IF Soulburn is up
  3. Agony IF not already up
  4. Corruption IF not already up
  5. Unstable Affliction IF not already up
  6. Change Target if any of the above can be carried out on a new target
  7. Life Tap IF Mana is less than 35%
  8. Drain Soul if target is under 20% health
  9. Malefic Grasp
AoE Rotation
  1. Primary Target
    1. Soulburn + Seed of Corruption IF Soulburned Seed of Corruption not up
    2. Soulburn + Soul Swap IF Agony AND Corruption are not up
  2. Secondary Targets (Cycle targets until Primary Target actions are required)
    1. Seed of Corruption
    2. Soulburn + Soul Swap IF Agony AND Corruption are not up AND Soul Shards > 0
    3. Drain Soul IF Soul Shards = 0
  3. Cast Haunt on Primary Target
  4. Life Tap IF Mana is less than 35%
  5. Drain Soul on Primary Target IF under 20% health
  6. Malefic Grasp on Primary Target
Mobile DPS
  1. Agony IF it currently has less than half of the base duration remaining
  2. Corruption IF it currently has less than half of the base duration remaining
  3. Life Tap IF Mana is less than 35%
  4. Fel Flame
Dark Soul: Misery
The Affliction version of this ability is Dark Soul: Misery which increases spell haste by 30% for 20 seconds. It should be used on cooldown, ideally when you have Soul Shards available for Soulburn.

While Soulburn doesnít have a cooldown as such, it behaves like one because it requires Soul Shards to use. It should be used once per Dark Soul: Misery , or whenever you have spare Soul Shards after casting Haunt when your target is under 20% health and one of Agony, Corruption or Unstable Affliction has less than 50% of the base duration remaining.

The pet of choice will be the Felhunter, or the Observer should you take the Grimoire of Supremacy talent. If you are opting to take the Grimoire of Sacrifice talent the demon choice depends more on the bonus spell you want to use.

Felguard: Pursuit
Felhunter: Spell Lock
Imp: Singe Magic
Succubus: Whiplash
Voidwalker: Shadow Bulwark

Doomguard vs Infernal
Both of these demons have a 1 minute duration on a shared 10 minute cooldown. This means your choice will be driven by single target (Doomguard) vs area of effect (Infernal). The Infernal should be used when a lot of AoE damage is required over a longer period of time, while the Doomguard is best used under 20% target health (note that the Doomguard is potentially better under the effects of Bloodlust but I am unsure as to how it interacts with percentage based haste buffs)

Tier 1
Dark Regeneration, Harvest Life, Soul Leech
Of these three, the choice is between Dark Regeneration and Soul Leech. Dark Regeneration could be taken if a larger but shorter duration heal is required, while Soul Leech is gives lower but more constant healing. Harvest Life is not recommended as itís an improved version of Drain Life which ideally wonít be used anyway.

Tier 2
Free choice

Tier 3
Free choice again, although Soul Link is recommended as when combined with Grimoire of Sacrifice you gain a 20% health bonus.

Tier 4
Free choice.

Tier 5
Grimoire of Sacrifice, Grimoire of Service, Grimoire of Supremacy
The recommended choice is Sacrifice, which gives a 45% damage bonus to Drain Soul, Fel Flame, Haunt and Malefic Grasp.

Tier 6
Archimondeís Vengeance, Kilíjaedenís Cunning, Mannorothís Fury.
Kilíjaedenís Cunning is recommended by default, especially for movement based fights. However, both Archimondeís Vengeance and Mannorothís Fury can have their uses depending on the situation.

Major Glyphs
Dark Soul Not Recommended While at first glance this looks like a good glyph, itís actually a minor DPS loss.
Demonic Circle Optional Can be useful for movement heavy fights
Everlasting Affliction Not Recommended Thanks to the Pandemic passive DoT recasts are easier to manage, and reducing DoT damage by 20% reduces the damage dealt while using Malefic Grasp.
Siphon Life Optional Self healing helps with survivability
Soul Shards 5.1:Recommended Increases maximum Soul Shards by 1. 5.2: Optional Increasing the Drain Soul heal can be useful, but only if you use it.
Soul Swap Optional Has applications for dual target fights, but also means you canít use Soulburn + Soul Swap more than once every 30 seconds which is useful for AoE.
Soulstone Recommended
Unstable Affliction Optional A minor DPS improvement, so can be taken unless something else is more important.

Minor Glyphs
All minor glyphs are optional

Technical Notes
Fel Flame can only extend DoTs to 1.5 times their base cast times (ie: the maximum duration possible with Pandemic)

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  1. Slatch's Avatar
    Is Haunt included when a dot is applied and a snapshot taken, or does it apply the damage increase and allow it to fall off dynamically?
  2. Binkenstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Slatch
    Is Haunt included when a dot is applied and a snapshot taken, or does it apply the damage increase and allow it to fall off dynamically?
    It will be applied dynamically, otherwise you would end up haunting first then re-applying all dots.


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