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Bloodlust & Executes

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This is a reproduction of the guide I originally posted over at Wowhead
How Bloodlust Works
Bloodlust (or Heroism or Time Warp) is a 30% increase in attack or casting speed. It multiplies with other haste buffs rather than adding. Eg: a 3 second cast with 25% haste and Bloodlust is reduced like so: 3/1.25/1.30 = 1.846 seconds. This is because haste is actually increasing the number of casts in a time frame rather than reducing the cast time, so that 100% haste results in twice the number of casts.

How Executes Work
Execute abilities & talents operate on dealing increased damage to a target when its health is under 35%.

How Bloodlust interacts with Short, Fixed Duration Buffs
With the exception of Haste buffs, Bloodlust will multiply the effect of any short cooldown purely because it increases the number of attacks possible while that buff is up. The reason that haste buffs don’t follow this rule is because of how haste buffs stack, as mentioned above, which results in no net gain between stacking them and running them separately. Despite this, you may want to stack haste buffs with percentage damage bonuses.

How Bloodlust interacts with Execute Abilities
The non-intuitive thing about this is the fact that while Bloodlust may increase DPS with Execute abilities, the Execute period gets shortened because of it. This is known as a “negative feedback loop”.

For example, on a boss with 1,000,000 HP, and you are doing 1,000 DPS, it will take 1,000 seconds to kill it normally. With a 25% bonus via Executes, it becomes shorter:
(1,000,000 * 0.65) / 1,000 = 650 seconds
(1,000,000 * 0.35) / 1,250 = 280 seconds
650 + 280 = 930 seconds
If we add Bloodlust in to both equations and assume it is a flat 30% damage bonus, we see that the time saved is exactly the same.
40 * (1,000 * 1.3) = 52,000 damage = 1,300 DPS
(1,000,000 * 0.65) - 52,000 = 598,000 damage = 598 seconds
598 + 40 = 638, a saving of 12 seconds
40 * (1,250 * 1.3) = 65,000 damage = 1,625 DPS
(1,000,000 * 0.35) - 65,000 = 285,000 damage = 228 seconds
228 + 40 = 268, a saving of 12 seconds
The Rules of Bloodlust Use

1) If there is a burn phase, use Bloodlust then. This can be for DPS or Healer requirements.
2) Use Heroism as early as possible/practical to combine with personal DPS cooldowns (and making sure you have all/most of your raid alive to benefit from it)

More importantly, it is imperative that you know *when* to cast it, and that this is communicated to the raid so they can base their own cooldown use around it. Otherwise wait for a raid leader to call for it.

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