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Collaborative Guides: 6 Months On

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All the way back in May, I posted something on my blog about making collaborative guides for Shaman, in an effort to reduce the duplication of work by guide writers, make sure we had the best & most accurate information possible, and also cover extra things that not everyone normally would. In the end we had two guides produced this way, for Elemental and Enhancement.

Why Collaborate?
  • Reduces the workload for each person
  • Rely on individual strengths for certain sections
  • Reduces inconsistency between guides as this can be hashed out during writing
Everyone involved with the two guides likes the idea, but there are a few things we need to work on.

How To Start Your Own
There are a few important things to know.
  • Assemble a group of competent & knowledgeable writers. They can be existing guide writers or bloggers who write on the class/spec. This way you can get the busy theorycrafter or the not-so-mathy blog writer with a bit of spare time involved.
  • Have a forum where you can set up a private sub-forum for your writing team, where everyone has moderator access.
  • Set up a structure for the guide and assign sections/subsections to individual people to complete. Having a quarter of a guide to write when you have three other people to share the load makes things much easier. Donít be afraid to comment/contribute to sections assigned to other people though.
  • Create threads for each section or subsection. As each person updates the first post, which will be used in the guide, reply to the thread so others know of your updates. You can also use the threads to discuss finer points of the section. This is useful for populating changes/updates to the guide once it has been published.
  • Organise who is going to post the guide where, if you are opting for mass distribution. This will help get the guide out to where people will read it.

If you want to start a collaborative guide for your class, but lack the forum space to work in, let me know and I can set something up for you.

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