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Jewelcrafting Pandamonium Part Two

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Additional Jewelcrafting tips time!

Most of you will be buying lots of Ghost Iron Ore in order to get gems to increase your skill, or use in research to learn more cuts. This may not be the best way to go about it though. Black and White Trillium Ore may actually be a better way to get gems, depending on local prices.

First off, we need to work out the chance of getting a rare gem. The chance for each gem is around 5%, so the total chance is 30%. The reason we're adding the chances together, rather than multiplying, is that each is an independent result which is why you sometimes get more than one gem per prospect.

Trillium has a 15% chance per cut (Wowhead lists higher percentages, but doesn't have that many prospects on record, so we'll take a lower value) which means a 90% chance of getting a rare.

If you're after rare gems (and who isn't) then if either colour of Trillium Ore is less than 3 times the price of Ghost Iron Ore (0.9/0.3 = 3) then it's better to buy Trillium rather than Ghost Iron.

Kyparite is also prospectable, but as it has the same rare rate as Ghost Iron Ore, it's only worthwhile prospecting if it's cheaper.

Side note for Alchemists: if Trillium Ore becomes more than 5 times the price of Ghost Iron Ore, transmuting Ghost Iron Bars to Trillium Bars is profitable (or 4.167 times if you're a Transmutation Master).

​I'll add a section in here for recipe learning later.

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