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Theorycrafting 101: Mastering Mists Mastery

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Mastery was a new stat introduced in Cataclysm, giving unique bonuses to each specialization. Each rating point would contribute to a “Mastery Point”, which would in turn convert to a percentage for the bonus effect. In Mists this is getting changed, so the conversion goes directly from rating points to percentages, which makes it a little confusing when dealing with rating to percentage conversions.

In Cataclysm, it would go like this (remembering that you get a base of 8 mastery points):

8 + rating / rating conversion = points
points * mastery multiplier = percentage

Now in Mists it’s going like this:

( 8 + rating / rating conversion ) * mastery multiplier = percentage

So when we talk about Mastery having a rating conversion of 179 at level 85, or 600 at level 90, we’re talking about the amount of rating points equivalent to your mastery multiplier.

For example, Shaman have Deep Healing (Restoration, 3%), Elemental Overload (Elemental, 2%) and Enhanced Elements (Enhancement, 2.5%), each with their own mastery multipliers. This means Elemental needs 300 rating for an extra 1% for Overload, Enhancement needs 240, and Restoration only needs 200.

If you look at the Wowhead page for each mastery spell, you’ll see an “Effect #2” listed there as a dummy aura and a value. This value is that mastery multiplier multiplied by 100 (to keep it an integer value, but that’s more of a technical thing so you don’t really need to know why, just that it is).

Here are a list of all the Mastery effects, their multipliers, and the rating required for 1%

Class Spec Mastery Multiplier Rating
Death Knight Blood Blood Shield 6.25 96
Death Knight Frost Frozen Heart 2.00 300
Death Knight Unholy Dreadblade 2.50 240
Druid Balance Total Eclipse 1.875 320
Druid Feral Razor Claws 3.13 192
Druid Guardian Nature's Guardian 1.25 480
Druid Restoration Harmony 1.25 480
Hunter Beast Master Master of Beasts 2.00 300
Hunter Marksman Wild Quiver 2.00 300
Hunter Survival Essence of the Viper 1.00 600
Mage Arcane Mana Adept 2.00 400
Mage Fire Ignite 1.50 400
Mage Frost Frostburn 2.00 300
Monk Brewmaster Elusive Brawler 0.50 1200
Monk Mistweaver Gift of the Serpent 1.25 480
Monk Windwalker Combo Breaker 1.40 429
Paladin Holy Illuminated Healing 1.50 400
Paladin Protection Divine Bulwark 1.20* 500
Paladin Retribution Hand of Light 2.10* 286
Priest Discipline Shield Discipline 2.50 240
Priest Holy Echo of Light 1.25 480
Priest Shadow Shadowy Recall 1.75 343
Rogue Assassination Potent Poisons 3.50 172
Rogue Combat Main Gauche 2.00 300
Rogue Subtlety Executioner 3.00 200
Shaman Elemental Elemental Overload 2.00 300
Shaman Enhancement Enhanced Elements 2.00 300
Shaman Restoration Deep Healing 3.00 200
Warlock Affliction Potent Afflictions 3.10 194
Warlock Demonology Master Demonologist 1.00 600
Warlock Destruction Emberstorm 1.00* 600
Warrior Arms Strikes of Opportunity 2.20 273
Warrior Fury Unshackled Fury 1.40 429
Warrior Protection Critical Block 1.50 400

* indicates a possibly incorrect value on Wowhead, as the effect # 2 dummy aura value differs from the tooltip

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  1. Purge's Avatar
    Enhancement's mastery multiplier is 2 for 5.0.4/MoP.

    Not sure if any of the other values are out of date.
  2. Binkenstein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Purge
    Enhancement's mastery multiplier is 2 for 5.0.4/MoP.

    Not sure if any of the other values are out of date.
    Not according to which means the wowhead data may be out as is listed as 16%.
  3. Purge's Avatar
    Yeah, looks like wowhead just has outdated information.
  4. Ilmarien's Avatar
    Live data indicates the warlock Emberstorm bonus to ember-eating spells is 3% per full point of Mastery, which effectively results in needing 200 mastery rating per 1% of bonus at level 90.

    The secondary feature of Emberstorm is a buff to Immolate, Fel Flame, Incinerate and Conflagrate equal to 1/3 of the full mastery bonus + 1 percent. To increase this bonus by 1%, 600 mastery rating is required.
    Updated 21-09-2012 at 10:27 PM by Ilmarien


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