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Totemspot: Now with More Enhancement!

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Hello, Totemspot! I'm Purge - aficionado of all things enhancement. This is going to be a fairly short post, but you'll be hearing from me a lot more in the future (and, if things go well, you'll be hearing from lots of other enhancement shamans, too!)

If you come here with any degree of regularity, you're probably used to elemental posts outnumbering ours by a staggering 20 to 1. Part of the problem is that the enhancement theorycrafting community seems to be just about entirely dead. If you take a gander over at elitistjerks right now, you'll find that the most recent enhancement-related post is a moderator bumping our topic just to keep it on the front page, and that was a month ago (correction: it looks like he re-bumped the thread today). Intuitively, I'd expect theorycrafting to be at its peak right about now, with sweeping mechanics changes dramatically slowing down on the beta, and with the developers indicating that we've started to enter the "balancing" or "number tweaking" stage. With the beta wrapping up, it's important that we, as a community, pump out as much quality theorycrafting as we can in order to help ensure that our spec enters the next expansion as close to balanced as possible.

To keep things short, I'm trying to organize something of an enhancement community "rebirth" right here on Totemspot. We'll see what the future has in store, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now.

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  1. Taser's Avatar
    Thumps up! Good to see there is still some life in the enhancement community. I know that there are enhancement shaman somewhere out there. You just need to let them know that they can come here for information, theorycrafting and support.

    Good luck
  2. Sciz's Avatar
    Glad to hear it. Trying to figure out enhance back in Wrath was what first drove me to look up dedicated shaman resources, and I never have quite understood why its section here was so lonely when the Blizz forums have so many outspoken enhance players.
  3. Goomba's Avatar
    I'm here for you Purge
  4. Ryethe's Avatar
    Looking forward to this Purge.

    I have some interest in helping here and there as testing is needed. I had thought about trying to reignite the EJ thread but I just don't have the time right now to take on that kind of project.
  5. Spectie's Avatar
    I've spent the past 2 hours reading a lot of stuff on the wow forums and saw a post that you are trying some sort of enhancement revival here Purge. I play an enhancement shaman on mannoroth in all aspects (high end pve, rbgs, 2's, 3's) and I heavily rely on your theorycrafting for pve performance. I'll start checking here more often and seeing if there is any way I can help all of the theorycrafting work you are doing for our community on the beta.

  6. HyperTitan's Avatar
    I've been looking for another enhancement community for a long time now. The EJ enhance community is all but non-existent anymore, so it's good to see something else come along. I've been enhancement since vanilla WoW and would like to lend a hand if I can. I don't pretend to know everything, but I know a bit :P
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